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  • QuestionIs this sound bar and subwoofer totally wireless to hook up?

    Asked by JohnR.

    • Answer Hi JohnR! The HW-A550 Soundbar is Bluetooth enabled, and can wirelessly connect to your TV and any other devices that are also Bluetooth enabled. The A550 subwoofer will need to be connected to a power source but will pair wirelessly with the soundbar. ^Tim

      Answered by Samsung

  • QuestionWhat wattage is the sound bar

    Asked by AshleyE.

    • Answer Both of these questions are misleading from what you are asking, I think. The total power of the entire system is 410W, but the subwoofer by itself is 250W (according to another answer from Samsung), which means that the soundbar itself is only rated 160W - which then begs the question of how many speakers are within the soundbar itself to know what each speaker is rated to get a true understanding of effective power compared to a dedicated sound receiver system, which I don't know.. This sort of information should be easily found in the overview information or, at the very least, the specification section on this item, but Samsung/Best Buy omit even the total wattage rating, let alone specifics, to make it harder to directly compare it to other products, which I find very disingenuous.

      Answered by Scott

  • QuestionCan I add speakers to this later? Like if I get a rear speaker kit in the future?

    Asked by JP.

    • Answer Hi JP! The HW-A550 is compatible with the SWA-9100S wireless rear speaker kit by Samsung found at the following link from Best Buy: ^Tim

      Answered by Samsung

  • Questioni have hearing loss in upper frequencies. I need to find a soundbar that has a midrange frequency adjustment to reduce midrange frequencies. Is the A550 soundbar able to adjust midrange frequencies? Please have engineers add midrange control.

    Asked by Tommy.

    • Answer Hi Tommy! Press and hold the SOUND CONTROL button for about 5 seconds to adjust the sound for each frequency band. 150Hz, 300Hz, 600Hz, 1.2kHz, 2.5kHz, 5kHz, and 10kHz are selectable using the Left/Right buttons and each can be adjusted to a setting between -6 to +6 using the Up/Down buttons. (Make sure the Sound mode is set to “STANDARD”.) ^Tim

      Answered by Samsung

  • QuestionHow do I synch my sound bar to my Samsung tv remote?

    Asked by JoeBob.

    • Answer Hi JoeBob! By deafault, you can adjust the HW-A550 Soundbar volume using a Samsung TV’s remote control. If this is not working you can try the following steps. 1) Turn Off the Soundbar. 2) Push up and hold the WOOFER button for 5 seconds. Each time you push the WOOFER button up and hold it for 5 seconds, the mode switches in the following order: “Samsung-TV Remote” (Default mode), “Off-TV Remote”, “All-TV Remote”. The LED indicator status changes each time the mode is changed. Alternatively, connecting the soundbar to the TV via HDMI ARC will allow you to use the TV remote to control the soundbar. Should you need further assistance, please contact Samsung Support at 1-800-SAMSUNG. ^Tim

      Answered by Samsung

  • QuestionWill this Samsung sound bar work with my LG 70 inch tv?

    Asked by Ray.

    • Answer Hi Ray! The HW-A550 features three ways to connect to an external device: HDMI (ARC), digital optical audio, and Bluetooth wireless audio technology. If your TV is compatible with one of these three audio connections, you should have no issue connecting the soundbar to your TV. ^Tim

      Answered by Samsung

  • Questiondoes the system come with an optical cable and do you need one if you are also using an hdmi cable

    Asked by ptd.

    • Answer It comes with an optical cable. You can plug an HDMI in directly in the standard port or the eARC port. If you use the HDMI, you won't need the optical cable.

      Answered by Anonymous

  • QuestionHow many watts is the subwoofer?

    Asked by Jbrock30.

    • Answer Hi Jbrock30 - The Rated Output Power of the HW-A550 subwoofer is 250W. ^Gina

      Answered by Samsung

  • QuestionIs this sound bar compatible with older (2015ish) Samsung LCD's?

    Asked by Scott.

    • Answer Hi Scott! Hi! The HW-A550 features three ways to connect to an external device: HDMI (ARC), digital optical audio, and Bluetooth wireless audio technology. If your TV is compatible with one of these three audio connections, you should have no issue connecting the soundbar to your TV. ^Tim

      Answered by Samsung

  • QuestionWhat are the dimensions of the sub woofer?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Hi! Here are the dimensions of the subwoofer included with the HW-A550: (W x H x D) 7.9" x 13.9" x 11.4" ^Tim

      Answered by Samsung

  • QuestionWill a Samsung QN85A tv remote control all soundbar functions , including on/off, if it is connected via eARC?

    Asked by Mike.

    • Answer Hi Mike! The Samsung TV remote will control power and volume when connected to the HW-A550 via HDMI ARC. To change the sound settings or source of the soundbar, you will need to use the soundbar remote. ^Tim

      Answered by Samsung

  • QuestionIs this TV compatible with Toshiba TVs?

    Asked by stacy.

    • Answer stacy - The HW-A550 Soundbar features HDMI and Optical inputs, as well as Bluetooth connectivity. If your TV features any of these types of connections, you sure can connect this soundbar to your TV. ^Gina

      Answered by Samsung

  • QuestionDoes this support streaming music over WiFi or only over Bluetooth?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Hi! The HW-A550 does support streaming music via Bluetooth only. ^Patty

      Answered by Samsung

  • Questioncan the sound bar be mounted to the TV?

    Asked by notcarl.

    • Answer Not sure if it can be mounted to the TV but it does come with brackets for you to be able to mount it to the wall.

      Answered by Soundbar

  • QuestionWhat is the standby power consumption?

    Asked by GGG.

    • Answer Hi GGG! The stand-by power consumption of the HW-A550 is .5W The Subwoofer unit also has a stand-by power consumption of .5W. ^Tim

      Answered by Samsung

  • QuestionWhat kind of wireless woofer can you add on to this HW-A550?

    Asked by Topbuggy.

    • Answer Hi Topbuggy! The HW-A550 includes a wireless subwoofer and is not compatible with an additional subwoofer unit. ^Tim

      Answered by Samsung

  • QuestionIs this sound bar compatible with new Samsung smart TV QN85Q8DAAFXZA????

    Asked by Hornet.

    • Answer Hi Hornet! Yes, the HW-A550 is compatible with the Q8DA TV from Samsung. You can use the included optical cable for a simple, one cable connection to the TV. ^Tim

      Answered by Samsung

  • QuestionSoundbar model Ch Dolby DTS. Why is speech not sychronized with video? Sound is a second later than video on national news, etc.

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Hi there! If the video on the TV and audio from the HW-A550 Soundbar are not synchronized, select SYNC in SOUND CONTROL (looks like a gear), and then set the audio delay between 0~300 milliseconds by using the Up/Down buttons. If you should need further assistance, please contact Samsung Customer Support at: 1-800-SAMSUNG (ask for Soundbars), available 8AM -12AM EST, 7 days a week, text HELP to 62913, LiveChat on, or Email: ^Gina

      Answered by Samsung

  • QuestionAlexa?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Yes, it can provide Alexa as well through TV

      Answered by SamsungSoundbar

  • QuestionThis work with LG TV?

    Asked by Reyes.

    • Answer Reyes - The HW-A550 Soundbar features HDMI, Optical, and Bluetooth connectivity; as long as your TV supports any of these connections, this soundbar will work with your TV. ^Gina

      Answered by Samsung

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