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4K Ultra HD Technology


The unmatched visual quality of a 4K Ultra HD TV makes it an easy choice for geeky fans of the latest and greatest technology. But 4K technology isn't just for geeks and it isn't a fad — it is the future. 4K Ultra HD TVs are surprisingly affordable and ready to be connected to a wealth of 4K content. Check out all the ways 4K technology makes everything look better.

4K Ultra HD


You don't have to look very far to find 4K content with high dynamic range (HDR). Invest in a 4K Blu-ray player to watch 4K content on Blu-ray, stream video in 4K using a Smart TV, or check out the 4K content provided by your cable and satellite company. In addition, 4K cameras and camcorders let you create your own stunning 4K videos. Watching all this content on an HDR television can create a truly cinematic experience right in your own living room.

Blu-ray player

4K Blu-ray Players and Movies

Play a growing list of available 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs using a 4K Blu-ray player paired with a 4K Ultra HD TV. Since the content doesn't have to be compressed to travel over the Web, your TV can reach its top picture potential. Plus, you don't have to rely on extra-high-bandwidth and a stable Internet connection to watch a movie. Since the 4K Blu-ray player is backward compatible, you can continue to watch your older Blu-ray Discs and DVDs utilizing a UHD upscaling feature, so the content looks better than ever before.

You can even experience the stunning quality of 4K Blu-ray Discs on gaming consoles.

4K Streaming Media Players
and Apps

Choose a 4K Ultra HD streaming media player to deliver content to your 4K UHD TV using available 4K apps. Each streaming player makes it easy to navigate to your favorite apps via an intuitive on-screen menu. Or use the voice search functionality available on most players to find just what you want to watch.

You can even use some of the latest gaming consoles as 4K streaming media players.

4K streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, FandangoNOW and many more offer a growing library of movies and TV series in 4K, including Netflix's House of Cards and Breaking Bad. You can watch on a streaming media player or on your Smart TV, which has the apps built in.

roku ultra

Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, FandangoNow
Gaming consoles


Xbox One X

Experience immersive true 4K gaming with 40% more power than any other console. Xbox One X works with all your Xbox One games and accessories, as well as Xbox Live.

Lose yourself in worlds built for 4K gaming, where action is brought to life with 2160p frame buffers. Enjoy brilliant graphic details in light, shadow and reflections with high dynamic range and wide color gamut. Experience premier sound that puts you in the center of spatial audio. Stream and record game clips in 4K at screaming-fast 60 fps.

Watch Blu-ray movies in stunning 4K Ultra HD. Stream 4K video on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and more. Whether you're playing, watching or streaming, Xbox One X delivers outstanding graphics with HDR technology.

Xbox One S

Stream 4K video on Netflix and Amazon Video, and watch UHD Blu-ray movies in stunning 4K Ultra HD. Then get the enhanced comfort and feel of the Xbox wireless controller, featuring textured grip and Bluetooth.

Experience richer, more luminous colors in games like Gears of War 4 and Forza Motorsport 7. With a higher contrast ratio between lights and darks, high dynamic range technology brings out the true visual depth of your games.*

PlayStation 4 Pro

PS4 Pro enhances PS4 games by supporting the latest in imaging technology through 4K resolution and high dynamic range (HDR), as well as smoother frame rates. Games that already look extraordinary on PS4 will look richer and more detailed, thanks to the more powerful GPU and faster CPU at the heart of PS4 Pro.

With more pixels, 4K's higher resolution delivers graphics that are sharper and have greater detail than ever imagined. HDR delivers visuals that look much closer to the way your eyes see the real world. Enjoy up to 4K streaming and 4K auto-upscaling for your favorite video content.**

Some developers are updating previously launched PS4 games to add PS4 Pro support, while others are building PS4 Pro support into upcoming releases. You can download patches for games like Uncharted 4 which are enhanced when playing on the new console. PS4 Pro releases include Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Mass Effect: Andromeda and Days Gone.

4K Cable and Satellite Providers

DirecTV offers the first ever full-time 4K Ultra HD Channel. Or stream 4K Ultra HD content from other cable and satellite providers like Comcast and DISH. Fast Internet speeds are important when streaming 4K Ultra HD content. A download speed of at least 25Mbps per device is recommended to enjoy the best quality and clarity of your 4K Ultra HD content.

Learn about DIRECTV's 4K Ultra HD programming Check your Internet speed

4K Cameras, Camcorders and Drones

Create Your Own 4K Content

Invest in a 4K camera, action cam or camcorder and start capturing breathtaking shots in 4K now. When you snap photos or record footage in 4K, the resulting high-quality images make editing video and extracting the perfect still photo easy. Camcorder or camera footage from drone flights is already powerful, but packs an extra punch when it's captured in 4K and displayed on a 4K Ultra HD screen.

Learn More About 4K

4K TVs
Future-proof TVs with advanced technology to play all 4K content, even as standards evolve.
4K Blu-ray Players
HDR technology for a higher color contrast, plus upscaling to improve the look of existing Discs.
4K Movies
The highest-quality content available without Internet bandwidth worries.
4K Streaming Media Players
The latest streaming devices support 4K Ultra HD content, from big-budget films to TV shows.
4K Gaming
Experience select games and streaming content in 4K on Xbox One X, Xbox One S or PS4 Pro.
4K Connected Home
A robust home network provides the foundation for your other 4K technology.
4K Audio
Quality audio receivers designed to work perfectly with your other Ultra HD components.
4K Cameras, Camcorders and Drones
Capture your own 4K images and action with spectacular clarity and definition.
4K Projectors
Fill a large space with the clarity and brilliance of 4K Ultra HD using a 4K projector and screen.
4K Cell Phones
Capture 4K-quality video and view images with all their realistic detail anywhere you go.
4K Laptops
View and edit 4K photography on location with a more accurate representation of the final, printed photo.
4K Monitors
Graphics pros and movie fans alike can see computer content with the greatest detail possible.
4K All-In-One Computers
Even if you're just one foot away from these big screens, your images will never appear blurry.

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