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Tips to get your new TV home safely.

Big-screen TVs are fragile and should be handled with care. Here are key steps to follow to ensure the safe transportation and set up of a new TV.

Tips to keep your TV damage-free.

Your new TV is super amazing. It's also super fragile. Follow these helpful tips to get it home and set up safely.

  • Never lay your TV flat — especially in your vehicle.
  • Always use two people to carry or mount your TV.
  • When unpacking, follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Always use mounting hardware that fits your TV.
  • Don't pinch — when your fingers and thumb pinch the edge of the TV, the glass can break.

Use the right vehicle to get your TV home safely.

Midsize or full-size car
for up to 43" TVs

Midsize SUV for up to 51" TVs

Full-size SUV for up to 60" TVs

Delivery and Geek Squad® installation for 65" or larger TVs

Take advantage of our delivery service.

It's the best way to protect your new purchase.

We offer free delivery of any TV 51" or larger. We will haul away a TV from your home for $19.99 when a replacement product is delivered by Best Buy. Learn more about free delivery

Choose Geek Squad® professional installation.

Let the Geek Squad mount your TV, set up your audio and video products, and connect them all to your home network. To set up an in-home appointment, call 1-800-433-5778, or go to BestBuy.com/TVInstallation.