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Wireless & Multi-Room Audio
As 4K TVs and home theaters become more affordable, it's important not to skimp on sound. Booming, full-range speakers add that final touch of immersion to draw you into any movie or add extra oomph to your favorite songs. Here are the main categories of modern home audio for you to consider.

Wireless Multi-Room Audio

The newest type of home audio that's picking up steam. Unlike your typical Bluetooth wireless speaker, wireless multi-room audio speakers connect to your Wi-Fi — think of them like smart speakers. Wi-Fi connections make for higher quality streaming and also allow you to synchronize music if you have multiple speakers. Play your favorite bands in the living room and kitchen simultaneously so the music never stops. We recommend: [Sonos](/site/brands/sonos-systems/pcmcat348700050016.c?id=pcmcat348700050016&pageType=REDIRECT&issolr=1&searchRedirect=sonos "Sonos") and [Bose® SoundTouch®](https://www.bestbuy.com/site/bose/bose-soundtouch-audio/pcmcat748302046259.c?id=pcmcat748302046259 "Bose® SoundTouch®")


Soundbars are some of the most convenient speakers out there for your TV setup. They're large enough to deliver impressive sound, while not being too monstrous to take up large sections of your living room. Different soundbars feature different connections and setups — some feature the wireless Wi-Fi tech while others connect with an audio cable to your TV. If you want more complete sound with the convenience of a soundbar, make sure to purchase one bundled with a subwoofer. We recommend: [Sonos Playbar](/site/sonos-playbar-soundbar-wireless-speaker-black-silver/8028043.p?skuId=8028043 "Sonos Playbar"), [Bose® SoundTouch® 300](/site/bose-soundtouch-300-soundbar-black/5594801.p?skuId=5594801 "Bose® SoundTouch® 300") and [Samsung 2.1-Channel Soundbar](https://www.bestbuy.com/site/samsung-2-1-channel-soundbar-system-with-7-wireless-subwoofer-black/5754513.p?skuId=5754513 "Samsung 2.1-Channel Soundbar")

Home Theater Systems

Home theater systems offer everything you need for truly immersive sound. The most common systems offer 5.1-channel surround sound (meaning five speakers and one subwoofer), though 7.1 options are available. The typical setup for 5.1 is a left and right speaker on either side of your TV, a center speaker in front of your TV, two rear speakers and a subwoofer. While these systems require more setup time and space than a soundbar, the quality is truly unparalleled. We recommend: [Yamaha 5.1-Channel System](https://www.bestbuy.com/site/yamaha-725w-5-1-ch-3d-home-theater-system-black/5787200.p?skuId=5787200 "Yamaha 5.1-Channel System")

Speakers, Receivers and Amplifiers

The truly customizable, high-end option. Build your own home theater system with speakers, receivers and amplifiers. Start with the basics with just a right and left side speaker, then add a subwoofer, central speaker and rear speakers when you find the time or budget. Nothing can rival a high-end custom system.

 We recommend: Klipsch Reference Dual Floorstanding Speakers
Note: If your 4K Ultra HD television is connected to a home theater system including a receiver, your home theater components must include the correct technology to display a 4K image on your screen. Or, it must be able to include 4K audio "pass through." For a fully-integrated 4K system, two technology specs are required on your equipment: HDCP 2.2 software and HDMI 2.0 ports.

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