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Get an Amazing 4K Gaming Setup

Date Published: 06/03/2018 I Author: Best Buy
For the ultimate gaming experience, you need the right gear with the most power and performance to immerse you in the world of 4K. The combination of the Microsoft Xbox One X, the Samsung QLED Series 8 4K TV with HDR and the Netgear Nighthawk gaming router makes it easy to get started.
Let's start with the console. The Xbox One X has the processing power, memory and support for high dynamic range to take you on some unforgettable gaming adventures. With more vivid colors and crisp contrast for distinct differences between light and dark spots in the picture — the word “lifelike” definitely applies to everything you play on this system.
Next, you want a TV that can display all the colors and detail the Xbox One X can put out. The Samsung QLED Series 8 4K TV with HDR is that TV. It can show over a billion colors, so 4K games leap off the screen. And the Full Array Backlight automatically adjusts brightness across the screen to deliver deep black and pure whites. Plus, its Clean Cable Solution® neatly manages your cords for a crisp, clutter-free look.
The variety of Xbox One games to fill the Samsung screen is huge — especially Xbox One X Enhanced titles like Forza Motorsport 7Call of Duty: WWIIPlayerUnknown's BattlegroundsFallout 4FIFA 18 and more. With the amazing detail, faster load times and steadier frame rates that Xbox One X Enhanced games are known for, only a 4K TV with HDR like the Samsung QLED is up to the task of delivering an image that's worthy.
4K gaming, especially multiplayer online games, needs strong Wi-Fi. For a great experience, upgrade to the Netgear Nighthawk gaming router. It's the ideal partner for the Xbox One X. It lets you choose preferred servers to limit game lag and allocate bandwidth so you get better 4K gaming performance, all the time.
Finally, because even gamers need a break sometimes, let the processing power of the Nighthawk work with either the Xbox One X or the Samsung QLED TV to stream 4K shows and movies from your favorite apps like Netflix and Hulu.