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  • Pricing may vary between retail stores and BestBuy.com.
  • Sometimes when we lower prices, other retailers will decrease their prices in response. As a result, we may decrease our price during the promotion, and after the promotion our price may be the same, or even lower than, the original promotional price in order to offer you consistently low prices.
  • Certain products may display a "Reg." price, or a "Was" price, which is determined using recent price history of the product in Best Buy stores or online at BestBuy.com. Intermediate markdowns may have taken place between the "Reg." price, or "Was" price, and the promotional price.
  • New items may have an introductory price prior to their release date or within the first few weeks of their release. The "Was" price listed represents the price at which we will sell this item after the introductory price period ends.
  • For Bundle discount offers, the "Was" price reflects the price the items would be if purchased individually.
  • When a promotion ends at a specific time, the applicable time zone is Central time.
  • Pricing subject to change. Our prices may go up or down during the day in our stores and online.
Price Drop on Store Pickup Item

If you purchase a new item at BestBuy.com (which includes a purchase from a smartphone application/website, BestBuy.com orders with Store Pickup, and orders from the kiosk inside a Best Buy store) and if the item is offered at a lower price in the store or at BestBuy.com when you pick it up, you may request a price match. Some exclusions apply.

Price Drop on a Pre-Order

If the price of a pre-order item drops at the time of shipment, you will automatically be charged the lower price. Your credit card is not charged until the product is shipped.

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