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Radar dectector

Smartly detecting speed limits.

On poorly marked roads, learn how to avoid getting a speeding ticket.

Radar detectors help you drive smart

When you're driving through an unexpected speed enforcement area or where the speed limit is poorly marked, don't ruin your vacation or morning commute by getting a speeding ticket. Instead, drive smart and with a peace of mind by getting a radar detector installed in your vehicle. For those who enjoy getting out and riding the open road, we also offer motorcycle radar detectors.

Most radar detectors include GPS technology that's smart enough to recognize areas after you've driven through them a few times, which helps reduce false alerts from radars that are not a police detector. There's also a growing number of models you can connect to a smartphone, offering things like alerting you to speed limits, real-time speed traps, and dangerous intersections. Some of these models use voice alerts, so you can stay focused on the road.

Ensuring installation is done right

Radar detector installation can be complicated and a time-consuming process, which is why we're here to help. Our certified mobile electronics professionals will get it installed correctly. As part the installation process, they'll ensure wires are hidden, as well as ensure you won't have to remove the radar detector each time you leave your car. Plus our Autotech workmanship is warrantied for life.

They also offer a free Autotech consultation and can advise on the latest technology, including adding a Bluetooth car kitBluetooth headset, and dash camera. Also, if you're ever worried about driving after a night out, they can help with adding a breathalyzer to your vehicle. Visit your local Best Buy store with an installation center to learn more.

Where we can't ship

Unfortunately, we cannot ship radar detectors to Virginia or the District of Columbia.