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How to Match Car Amps and Subs

_Date Published: 02/25/2018 | Author: Best Buy_
Buying your car amplifier and subwoofers separately gives you the most options for a robust car audio system. Finding the right match between your amp and subs will make sure your system gets the power it needs and gives you just the right amount of bass without any distortion.
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1\. How much amplifier power do I need?

The first step in finding the best amplifier for subs is to determine how much power you need. To find out how much power the sub will provide, find the watts RMS rating for your subwoofer. The watts RMS rating tells you how much power the sub can handle. If you're building out a system with more than one sub, you can find the total RMS rating by multiplying the number of subs by the RMS rating of each sub. Using the total RMS rating of your subs, you can figure out if they will match up with the amp you want. The amp that you choose should be able to provide 75% to 100% of the RMS rating for your sub.

2\. Does the impedance match up?

The next step in matching car amps and subwoofers is choosing the right impedance, or ohms. To find the right match between your amp and subs, we recommend referencing a wiring diagram chart that shows you all the possible options available for combining different types of amps and subs. If you're only using one or two subs, matching impedance is fairly simple. However, if you want to connect multiple subs or if you're installing dual-voice coil subs, matching impedance becomes more complicated. In order to wire multiple subs together, you'll need to make sure they feature the same coil type and impedance, so that they will work together correctly. This ensures that the power is divided evenly between them.

3\. Which amps and subs match up for both power and impedance?

Once you calculate the power you need and match the impedance, you can figure out which amps and subs will work together. For high-quality audio, you'll need to make sure the impedance and power of your amp and subs are as closely matched as possible. Whether you choose single-voice coil or dual-voice coil subs, you will need to wire your system correctly to provide high-quality audio and prevent overheating. A single-voice coil sub is simpler to install, while dual-voice coil subs offer multiple wiring options for more flexibility.
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