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The Blended Learning Series with Holly Clark.

Best Buy Education is excited to share our partnership with blended learning coach and Infused Classroom series author Holly Clark. This video series can help you purposefully use your devices to enrich your teaching and create a more powerful learning experience.

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About Holly Clark.

Holly Clark is an education thought-leader, international speaker, best-selling author and advocate for students. She’s passionate about digital pedagogy and the purposeful use of digital tools that can increase student engagement, empower student voices and create more meaningful learning experiences. She is the co-author of The Google Infused Classroom and The Microsoft Classroom and the author of The Chromebook Infused Classroom. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok at @HollyClarkEdu.

Introduction to the Blended Learning Series with Holly Clark.

As a starting point, Holly shares an overview of blended learning and talks about some of the tools that can support success in the expanding field of digital pedagogy.

The Blended Learning Series with Holly Clark

What Is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is a way to integrate online and offline teaching that can happen anywhere. It can happen remotely, it can happen online, it can happen face-to-face. Holly explains how the purposeful use of digital tools and technology puts the student first in a student-centered environment.

Digital Learning Assessments.

Holly discusses how to rethink the idea of data points and what they should look like in the digital world. She shares how to use digital tools to get a more powerful assessment easily and quickly for everyday learning.


Holly shares why she thinks Flipgrid is hands-down the best digital tool out there. You’ll learn why Flipgrid is such a powerful tool to unlock data about your learners. She’ll also walk you through each step for using the platform. Plus, Flipgrid is free for all teachers.

Book Creator.

Book Creator is a powerful tool to allow students to show their learning. Holly walks you through how easy it is to integrate it into the classroom to create more meaningful teaching and learning.


Learn why Seesaw is an incredible way to blend your learning and why it’s a must-have tool to help students show their learning. Plus, see why it’s a great tool for managing all your grades.

HyperDocs, part 1.

HyperDocs is an incredible way to deliver instruction to students where the teacher becomes the facilitator on the side rather than the sage on the stage. These lessons are not meant to be an asynchronous experience; teachers are still at the heart of the instruction. From designing the lesson to giving students agency over how they learn, this quick overview of HyperDocs will make you want to try it in your classroom.

HyperDocs, part 2.

Holly takes a deeper dive into HyperDocs multimedia text sets — what she calls Explore Boards. After watching this video, you’ll be able to quickly get started creating your own Explore Boards and better understand how they can be used to give students the background.