Technology for Senior Living Residents

Build deeper connections.

Technology support and connection have never been more critical to the
well-being of your residents and staff. Best Buy Health can help.

Connect your seniors to well-being resources.

We understand that falls, social isolation, wandering and the security of your residents are primary concerns for your community and staff. We can provide the individualized technology and human touch necessary to maintain your residents’ physical safety and reduce their risk of social isolation.

  • Should a fall occur, your residents can quickly get emergency help with the push of a button
  • Supplement your community resources and further your support staff
  • Mitigate social isolation and reinforce quality of life with transportation services
Woman working in a call center
Senior connecting with loved ones

Build a competitive, connected advantage.

Keep your seniors connected, engaged and in their homes longer with our help:

  • Foster connections with your residents through products and services they enjoy using
  • Unlock opportunities to expand your market share through add-on technology and services
  • Provide your residents with engagement protocols that foster warm, helpful relationships

Your complete technology partner.

Remove unnecessary burdens for your staff by leveraging our customized, end-to-end technology support.

  • Partnership with a knowledgeable, professional team of technology experts
  • Unparalleled, dedicated support from consultation through fulfillment
  • Your staff can focus on what they do best — maintaining your residents' well-being
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Superior services that make an impact.

In technology delivery today, services are the critical element for improving the lives and well-being of your staff and residents, and for maintaining the impact.

24/7 Urgent Response.

Urgent and emergency response services are accessible with a push of a button via personal emergency response systems (PERS). Our team manages the alerts, reducing demand on your staff.

Geek Squad®.

Sensitivity-trained Geek Squad Agents provide help in-home, online or via phone, with virtual support available around the clock. Professional installation makes setup convenient and easy.

Caring Centers.

Best Buy Health–owned and operated MSW/BSW-led social work call centers leverage efficient, effective protocols to deliver value-based care. Our U.S.-based team is encouraged to build relationships through warm and personal interactions. Team members are available around the clock to provide your seniors with the support they need when they need it.

Explore the possibilities of tech and touch.

Our portfolio of connected-care solutions — along with long-standing partnerships with vendors and leaders in the technology industry — enables us to deliver the optimal solution for your community, from integrated PERS technology to solutions designed to support them in their daily lives and more.

Let’s talk about what’s possible. 

Contact a member of our team today to talk about how Best Buy Health’s connected-care solutions can help you.