Assisted Living Technology

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Best Buy Health builds custom solutions to effectively address your organization's unique challenges in today's complex and evolving world. Our comprehensive toolkit of human-assisted services, expertise and technology is modular, scalable and unparalleled.


Best Buy Health's portfolio of technology combines with human services to create a fully operational solution ready at scale for your organization. Devices are designed with the user in mind, connecting to real human interactions with a push of a button.

Personal emergency response systems (PERS).

Lively™ Mobile Plus is a waterproof one-button PERS device with quick call response times, built-in GPS and available fall detection. The optional Link app even sends a smartphone alert to friends and family if called for help from the PERS device. It comes with a lightweight, waterproof neck pendant or silicon wrist wearable, and we offer an in-home PERS for help at the push of a button, 24/7.

Medication management devices.

Our medication dispensers help improve patient compliance with scheduled and monitored medication dispensers that hold up to 28 consecutive doses. Depending on each individualized protocol, our devices can dispense one to four times each day. Monitoring includes an audible alarm and flashing red light while dispensing.

Senior Living Safety System.

Our Senior Living Safety System is an enhanced alternative to the traditional pull-cord system. It offers customizable protocols and reporting, and it can be used with complementary devices like wall buttons and monitored smoke detectors. Additional features include property-wide wireless coverage and 24/7 monitoring through our Caring Centers, and can be worn as neck pendants or on the wrist.

Remote patient monitoring.

Ready-to-use technology and tech support are designed with specific users in mind to accommodate a range of clinical, physical and emotional needs. Technology and services can be added to address unique needs, including passive and active monitoring, triage-to-care teams, family caregiving support, social determinants of health, and marketing consultation and support.

Mobile connectivity.

Our mobile phones have earned a reputation for their simplicity and ease of use. Aging adults appreciate the special design touches and button for Urgent Response. The dedicated app interfaces with the phones, allowing loved ones to check on seniors without disturbing their independence.

Link app.

Available for smartphones, the Link app provides caregivers with information about their loved one, giving them peace of mind and enabling more independence for their loved one. Through technology integration and the permission of the end-user, caregivers can receive updates on their loved ones’ daily living activities, enable GPS, see device battery levels and more.


Human-enabled services are designed to build trust and encourage engagement, complementing the hardware through seamless integration.

Social services.

We provide 24/7 access to a team of social care experts who provide proactive and supplementary care for your customers and your organization. Members can access triage and support services, loneliness calls, wellness coaching, appointment scheduling, reminders and more. The social work team provides a person-centered approach and strong advocacy, utilizing local community services and resources to assist and reassure your customers.

Caring Centers.

Every Caring Center call specialist receives sensitivity training so they can build strong relationships and better address the needs of your customers. We employ Spanish-speaking representatives in addition to English speakers and offer access to more than 190 languages, as needed.

Urgent Response.

Located in each of our Caring Centers, Urgent Response agents are available at the touch of a button on Best Buy Health devices. In addition to being certified by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED), agents are trained to help with common situations like getting lost and hearing noises at night. For medical emergencies, agents can connect seniors to on-call doctors and nurses, and can even send an ambulance using GPS coordinates.

GreatCall Rides.

Users of our mobile devices can utilize the convenience of the Lyft on-demand ride service, simplifying transportation for seniors and helping them stay connected. Mobile users can just press zero to request a ride from a live, U.S.-based operator. Drivers are background-checked, and vehicles are inspected for safety.

Geek Squad®.

For in-home monitoring technologies, installation is performed by the trusted staff of Geek Squad. As highly trained professionals, Geek Squad Agents are proven technology experts who provide in-home services and technology support to more than 4.5 million customers each year. Our Agents are located nationwide, offering an unmatched level of technical support within minutes of most of the U.S. population.

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