Senior Care Technology for Medicaid Members

Elevate member
experiences with
meaningful connections.

Best Buy Health delivers meaningful, human-centered experiences
through ready-to-use technology, unlocking improved member access and outcomes.

Maintain a sense of dignity and purpose among members.

Connected-care solutions from Best Buy Health are designed for the challenges your members face. Our broad portfolio of technology and services gives you the flexibility to adjust solutions as needs change, helping members live more fulfilling lives.

  • Our easy-to-use technology is paired with services driven by real human interactions, giving members a sense of personalized care.
  • Solutions that are rooted in human connection play a critical role in increasing member engagement and treatment adherence.
  • Resources and ongoing support help your care staff provide a better experience for their members.
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Senior and caretaker

Improve member utilization and engagement.

Best Buy Health has the reach to help members better manage their care at home and improve engagement with their care staff. To optimize the member experience, we continually work with our partners to deploy the right solution at the right time.

  • Helping members invest in their well-being streamlines delivery and lowers costs at each step in their health journey.
  • Early, low-cost interventions can replace high-cost, acute care such as emergency room visits, hospitalizations and long-term care.
  • To lighten the stress of growing caseloads, our solutions help your organization manage and prioritize care for your members.

Power your portfolio and create a differential advantage for your plan.

Leverage our capabilities and let us help you deliver efficient, innovative, differentiated care experiences to increase member satisfaction and deepen your impact in the marketplace.

  • Our personalized solutions can help you strengthen member relationships and build a competitive advantage.
  • Our human engagement, reach and expertise are unparalleled in the industry, and our scalable technology helps drive down the cost of care.
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Benefits to believe in.

Best Buy Health’s portfolio of connected-care technology and human-centered services mobilizes the power of Best Buy’s nationwide retail capabilities and scale. Our unrivaled ability to deliver solutions members and their caregivers want builds trust across your organization.

24/7 Urgent Response.

Agents connect members to urgent and emergency care within seconds, around the clock and accessible with a touch of a button.

Caregiver support.

Solutions to assist caregivers make it easier for them to be involved in their loved one’s care and give them peace of mind.

Designed for member needs.

Modular solutions are designed with specific users in mind and can address individual member needs and social determinants of health (SDOH).

Social work teams.

Best Buy Health–owned and operated MSW/BSW-led social work call centers leverage efficient, effective protocols to deliver value-based care. Our U.S.-based team strives to develop trusted relationships via warm, personalized interactions.

Care staff solutions.

Continuous member resources and educational support helps improve experiences for both staff and members in their care.

Personalized help.

Caring Centers are always on, offering warm, personal support to customers. Sensitivity-trained tech support staff provide help in-home, online or via phone, with virtual support available around the clock. Professional installation makes set-up convenient and easy.

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The connected care your members deserve. The key partnerships you need.

Our portfolio of connected-care solutions — along with long-standing partnerships with vendors and leaders in the technology industry — enables us to deliver the optimal solution for your business, from integrated personal emergency response technology to customizable SDOH solutions and more.
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900 providers.

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1,500 payors.

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100,000+ individuals.

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50 states.

Let's talk about what's possible.

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