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Best Buy Health™ meets you at the intersection of health and technology.

Best Buy Health is here to help enable care and support personal connections using our world-class omnichannel capabilities, distribution and logistics, strong analytics, in-home services, and compassionate Caring Center call specialists.

Our Lively health and safety services enable aging adults to live and thrive at home. Urgent Response Agents are available 24/7 at the touch of a button to offer help in emergencies big and small. Plus, you can speak with a nurse using Lively’s Nurse On-Call, and keep loved ones updated using Lively Link™.

We keep patients connected and safe throughout their care journey with support from social care experts who can fill gaps in patient care with loneliness calls, wellness coaching, appointment scheduling and more, all in partnership with a customer's health plans.

Current Health provides an enterprise platform that enables healthcare organizations to provide safe and effective care to patients in their homes by leveraging remote patient monitoring, telehealth technology, and patient engagement tools.

Social care teams.

  • Social care teams led by staff with MSW/BSW credentials
  • Remote fulfillment network that addresses social determinants of health
  • Established, effective protocols

Urgent response agents.

  • Customers have one-touch connection to agents for facilitation of emergency care
  • Agents coordinate services for nonemergency needs
  • Customers are covered whether they’re at home or on the go

Acuity-based solutions.

  • Loneliness and isolation assessment and support
  • Proactive monitoring and optional outbound wellness calls
  • Caregiver solutions and support

See Best Buy Health solutions in action.

Make home the center of better health.

Bringing human touch and tech together. 

Unmatched technology expertise and industry relationships.

Technology has been our legacy for more than 50 years. We’ve built a strong foundation and cultivated partnerships the whole way, creating a living network that serves millions. Our expertise and nationwide, community-level presence let us deliver customized solutions that fit seamlessly into customers’ lives, enriching the care experience and maximizing efficiencies across the board.

Established partnerships with trusted consumer technology brands on the forefront of innovation

About 75% of the population is located within 15 minutes of our stores, which serve as distribution hubs and ensure greater support

  • Proprietary technology offering flexible solutions 
  • Expertise in API integration and customization

  • Serving more than 4.5 million people nationwide each year, we’re already a trusted part of the community
  • Specially trained experts in the whole home make sure customers feel safe and informed, from installation to service and support

A complete portfolio of end-to-end care enablement solutions.

Our connected-care offerings, along with long-standing partnerships with vendors and technology leaders, enable us to deliver precisely what your business needs. From turnkey products and services and seamless white-labeled program components to custom, digital-first clinical solutions, no other organization has the assets, expertise and capacity to deliver like Best Buy Health.

Let’s talk about what’s possible.

Whether your business goal is to retain and grow plan members or transform your holistic digital and connected-care strategy, Best Buy Health’s solutions will help set you apart. Contact a member of our team today to talk about how Best Buy Health’s connected-health solutions can help you.