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Electric Transportation

Ride your way.

With a vast assortment of stylish electric bikes, mopeds, scooters and more, we can help you get where you need to go, sustainably.

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Electric vehicles offer an enjoyable, green alternative for all journeys. Find the ride that’s right for you.

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Ideal for longer commutes, an electric bike is easy to operate and fun to ride.
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Take a comfortable trip across your city in one of these sustainable vehicles.
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These versatile, portable vehicles are fantastic for shorter distances.
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Fun for kids and adults, go-karts are great for racing and more.
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Go off-road with one of these powerful, yet eco-friendly vehicles.
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Stay safe with helmets, pads and other items.

Featured brands.


A Unagi scooter will reduce or even eliminate the need for ride-sharing services. Enjoy freedom of movement with a scooter that delivers style and performance.


Super73 offers an electric motorbike that is ready for any road, from urban streets to driving around the neighborhood.


Find an array of electric bikes and an electric moped that will get you where you want to go — safely and in style.


The electric vehicles in Segway’s roster are carefully designed and constructed to deliver an exceptional experience.


If you’ve taken one of Bird’s shared scooters on a trip, you know that these vehicles are created with performance and sustainability in mind. Check out Bird’s own line of lightweight and portable, yet powerful, electric scooters and electric bikes.

Buying electric transportation.

Find the right electric vehicle for you.

Electric bikes, electric mopeds, electric scooters and other forms of electric transportation are more popular than ever. These versatile vehicles are great for navigating downtown streets or cruising around the neighborhood. And because these machines are environmentally friendly, they’re a great find for someone who is committed to sustainable living. There are also sound financial reasons for investing in an electric vehicle. By doing so, you can save on gas, automobile or ridesharing expenses, parking fees and more.

If you’re considering purchasing an electric vehicle, first you’ll need to determine what type you want to get. Increasing numbers of cyclists are looking at electric bikes as an option. These bikes can be a lot of fun, as you can pedal when you want to, and let the electric motor do the work when you feel tired. Best Buy carries a great assortment of electric bikes, including dirt bikes for off-road riding. Electric mopeds are another great option, particularly for urban commuters. Portable and lightweight, electric scooters are a wonderful option for adults and kids alike.

Make the most of your electric transportation.

Every rideables manufacturer strives to create the safest possible machine. With that said, electric vehicle users should buy some safety gear, considering there is little separating the rider from the road in the event of an accident. Consider picking up a helmet or pads when you get your new ride. While some electric vehicles have built-in GPS, many do not. If you’d like, you can add a GPS mount to your scooter or moped so you can safely navigate to your destination. You can also install a Bluetooth tracker to your vehicle so you can locate it in the event it is lost or stolen. With an array of vehicles and accessories, we can help you ride your way.