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Create a Safer Home with Smart Home Tech

A Safer Home with Smart Home Tech

A safer home with smart home tech.

We all want to keep our home and loved ones safe. Thankfully, smart home tech has made it easier to watch, listen and alert you. Figuring out where to start can be a bit overwhelming, so we'll share a handful of options and ways you can make your home safer with smart home tech.

Home monitoring.

Traditionally, a home monitoring solution has costly installation fees and monthly premiums. With new smart home tech, there are options that may suit your needs for a fraction of the price. Mountable cameras can record to a local DVR, straight to the cloud or stream live to your device so you can record and monitor any room in your home. Be the first to know with real-time alerts if anything out of the ordinary occurs.

Video doorbell.

Smart doorbells record and stream footage of anyone at your front door. Now, you can know exactly when your delivery arrives or when your neighbor shows up to feed the dog.

Smart lights.

When you go away on vacation, you want to make sure your house doesn't look vacant. With smart lights, you can program certain rooms to turn on and off whenever you please. Some models even learn from your patterns and simulate the same cycle even when you're away.

Smart detectors.

Be the first to know if there is smoke or carbon monoxide anywhere in your home. Simply install the detector and download the free app to get immediate alerts at the first sign of trouble.
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