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  • QuestionIs an Air Tag included or it his item just the leather loop?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer No, this is solely a high quality leather loop. It Does Not include an AirTag.

      Answered by Dmpr

  • Questionwhat in the world is a apple tag? what does it do?

    Asked by Greg.

    • Answer The product is an AirTag which is made by Apple. An AirTag serves as a tracking device for an item that you do not want to lose. Perfect example is the often misplaced car keys. You register the AirTag with your Apple iPhone or iPad via the “Find My” app and name what the AirTag is going to track. Examples like backpacks, luggage, bicycle, etc. After registering and attaching the AirTag to the item, you can utilize whichever device has your “Find My” app on so as to track or find the item. It is very convenient and very accurate. Hope this helps

      Answered by Dmpr