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Find the best Black Friday TV deals here.

Shop Black Friday TV deals at Best Buy

As you may know, Black Friday TV sales here at Best Buy are legendary, with special buys on other home theater components close behind. Since there are so many Black Friday Deals on TVs to choose from, you may want to start your Black Friday TV selection process by determining the television technology you prefer. The two most popular are LED (light-emitting diode) and OLED (organic light-emitting diode). In a nutshell, OLED TVs can be extremely thin and lightweight, offer superior black levels, faster response with less blur, good viewing at a wider range of angles, and better energy efficiency. LED TVs offer a better overall value because of their superior brightness (especially in bright rooms), excellent contrast, and their affordability.

Another Black Friday TV deal to consider would be a curved TV to create a more immersive viewing experience. Or, maybe you want to look for a Black Friday smart TV deal. Smart televisions enable streaming of your favorite content from popular services like YouTube, Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video among others, and many have a built-in web browser, so it can serve as your home’s entertainment hub.

Black Friday televisions: bigger is better.

While you’re perusing all the best Black Friday TV deals, keep in mind that, if you’re trying to recreate a movie theater experience in your home, bigger is better. But ultimately, the size television to buy depends on the size of the room. While 32-inch televisions are great for dorm rooms, kitchens and casual viewing areas, and 33-inch to 49-inch televisions work well in bedrooms and living rooms, for a truly captivating home theater experience you’re probably looking more in the 50-inch to 90-inch range. An HD projector is also a great alternative for any space with the added bonus of portability depending on the one you choose.

You’ll also want to decide the level of resolution you want: 2160p, also known as 4K or Ultra HD, produces a stunningly clear, detailed picture; 1080p provides a high level of detail for Blu-ray and HD shows; and 720p provides an excellent-quality picture for DVD movies and TV shows. You can also step it up this year and go for an 8K TV. Regardless of what you end up choosing, remember that Geek Squad can help mount your TV and set up your audio/video products.

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