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Tips for Great Photos

Sharpen your photography skills. 

Best Buy Camera Experience Shop experts have teamed up with professional photographers to share tips that will help you create stunning images. Check out these videos about portrait photography, creative lighting and more. After watching, return to this page to shop the products that we demonstrated.

Portrait photography

Classic portraits
Improve classic portraits with lighting, focal length and posing tips.
Family portraits
Create perfect family portraits using off-camera flash.
Window-lit portraits
Capture sharp window-lit portraits with the right accessories.

Creative lighting

Colored lighting
Create exciting portraits using colored lights.
Projection lighting
Compose unique portraits with the right projector settings and graphics.
Dynamic lighting
Learn how to use and position lights to achieve special effects.

Action photography

Shooting from the sidelines
See how to correct for the light and freeze the action at a sporting event.
Artistic action
Capture the beauty of movement by varying the shutter speed.
Sports portraits
Achieve dramatic portraits of athletes with lighting, poses and expressions.

In the details

Use focus, composition and light to make flowers pop.
Change the camera angle and lighting for mouthwatering images.
Unleash your creativity with abstract photography.