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Sustainability at Best Buy


We’re more sustainable together.

From recycling and trade-in to eco-friendly tech, we’re working with you to make a positive impact on the planet.

Learn more about our long-term sustainability goals

Together, we’ve recycled a ton. Actually, a million tons.

Best Buy and our customers have kept over 2 billion pounds of e-waste and appliances out of the trash through our trade-in, recycling and haul-away programs.

Trade it in, get a gift card, and help keep tech out of the trash.

We recycle all kinds of tech, no matter how old, how big, or where you bought it.     

We haul away and recycle your large tech and appliances responsibly so it’s easy on you and the environment.

Create a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

We have products and services that can help you live more sustainably.
ENERGY STAR certified.
Lower your energy use and costs with high-efficiency products.
Eco-friendly kitchen and garden.
Tools to reduce food waste through home composting and indoor gardening.
Green transportation.
Fun, efficient ways to get around without using fuel.
Renewable energy.
Start powering more of your day with solar energy.
Resource conservation.
Reduce your water, paper and electricity consumption.
Electric vehicle charging.
Rapidly charge your electric vehicle at home.

Need help creating a sustainable home?

Let a Home Expert help. Set up an in-home, in-store, or virtual consultation today.

Give your tech a second life.

Extending the life of your devices and appliances is a win-win, keeping money in your pocket and e-waste out of the landfill. Geek Squad® is here to help support, protect and repair all your tech, no matter where you bought it.

Find great deals on refurbished products that have been restored to like-new condition.

Brand-new products made in part from recycled plastics. 

Learn more about our sustainability efforts.

We’re helping more people get a seat at the table.

We’re celebrating the many rich and diverse Latinx communities who for too long have not found enough seats at the table of technology.

It’s our mission to improve tech equity among teens in disinvested communities. Through tech access, training and mentorship, we’re helping to empower young people.