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Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Heating, cooling and air quality.

To create a comfortable atmosphere in your home, sometimes you need to look towards technology. Modern advancements can make controlling the temperature and quality of the air even easier.

Regulating the air temperature in your home.

Installing a reliable thermostat can help you save both energy and money. A programmable thermostat lets you save on heating or air conditioning costs by adjusting the temperature when you're not at home or asleep. A smart thermostat can even learn your habits and create a heating and cooling schedule without your lifting a finger.


A space heater can supplement your central heating by targeting drafty corners, poorly-insulated areas or your most lived-in spaces. Traditional heaters feature heating coils coupled with a fan that blows heated air into your room. Upgrade to an infrared heater for quieter, ambient, virtually instant heat. You can easily integrate a heater into your home's decor by choosing one that looks just like a traditional fireplace or one that doubles as a stand for your television.


When the temperature heats up outside, you may want to cool down your home with an air conditioner or fan. You can find tabletop, stand, and bladeless fans that blend with your decor and suit your space. Keep in mind that fans simply move air around like an outdoor breeze, which will make you feel slightly cooler. Air conditioners, on the other hand, not only lower the temperature, but also remove moisture from the air, making it feel even cooler in your home. Choose from portable, window, through-the-wall, and mini-split air conditioners to fit your windows and your budget.

Controlling the air quality in your home.

If you want to reduce allergens, mold, dust and odors in your home, consider buying an air purifier with a HEPA, active carbon or washable filter. New technology in some models allows you to control the air purifier from your smartphone and alerts you when it's time to clean the air filter. In the summer, you may want to remove moisture from the air in your basement or other rooms in your home with a dehumidifier.