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Sustainable Living

Your energy choices count.

Best Buy is committed to helping our customers make sustainable choices. Find an array of eco-friendly products and services that make a world of difference.

Go electric and reduce emissions.

Check out an assortment of electric options, from car chargers to power tools to e-bikes and more.

Power up your vehicle at home with chargers, charging stations and more.

Travel freely on e-bikes, e-scooters and other vehicles that don’t rely on gasoline.

Take care of yard and home projects with eco-friendly gear.

Solar power.

Harness the power of the sun with solar panels, generators, and power kits.

Find portable solar panels and chargers to keep your devices running.

Enjoy efficient energy without the use of fuel or the smell of fumes.

Discover a variety of kits that can help you charge up anywhere.

ENERGY STAR certified products.

Items that have earned this label have been independently certified to deliver efficiency and savings. ENERGY STAR certified products can help you save money, reduce your use of water and energy, and protect our environment.

Resource conservation.

Reduce energy and save money with an array of products that can help you conserve energy in your home. 

Control electronics with your tablet or smartphone and conserve energy.

Illuminate your home with energy-efficient lightbulbs.

Stay comfortable with thermostats that adjust based on your habits.

Hydrate without resorting to single-use plastic bottles.

Services for sustainable living.

Discuss impactful solutions for your living spaces with one of our Home Experts. Plus, learn more about recycling and trade-in programs for tech you no longer use.

Our repair services keep products in your home and out of our landfills.

Ask us about trade-in values for the tech you need upgraded.

We recycle all kinds of tech, no matter how old, how big or where you bought it.

Sustainable living blog posts.

Yardbird is committed to creating products with eco-friendly materials and using recycled sources for some of its packaging materials.

Take a look at green tools that can help you maintain a green lawn.

Electric bikes, mopeds and scooters are a great way to save gas and reduce your carbon footprint.

We are making it easier than ever to safely and sustainably recycle old tech by picking it up directly from customers’ homes.

Best Buy is committed to sustainability. We are honored to have made Barron’s list of America’s Most Sustainable Companies.

For the eighth straight year, Best Buy has earned this distinction from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

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