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Have fun and get fit.

Whether you’re looking for workout or recovery equipment, seeking games and sporting gear for fun with family and friends, or striving to hone your golf game, we have what you need.

Shop fitness and recovery

Cardio equipment
Find treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals and other devices to help you get moving.
Workout recovery
Check out massage guns and other gear to reduce soreness and stiffness from your workouts.
Strength training
Choose weights and resistance training gear to build muscle and tone your body.

Shop golf equipment

Elevate your game
and lower your handicap.

We carry a wide selection of items that can take your game to the next level. Find launch monitors for the driving range, practice greens for putting, and even professional-style golf simulators.

Shop indoor games and outdoor recreation

Game room and arcade
Outfit your game room with table games, basketball games, dartboards and more.
Swimming pools and hot tubs
Enjoy a soak in a hot tub or a swim in an inflatable or above-ground pool. Plus, find an array of pool cleaners and other accessories.
Outdoor recreation
Take the fun outside with a selection of kids’ playhouses, trampolines, and other items for active play.

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Buying sports and fitness gear.

Finding the best equipment for outdoor sports and leisure. 

Spending time outside is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Whether you spend your time outdoors exercising, playing sports, or enjoying other recreational activities, you can benefit from the high-tech outdoor gear and devices available at Best Buy. For instance, if you’re an avid hiker or a long-distance runner training for an upcoming race, fitness trackers can help you track your mileage and keep you on the path to success. You can also find smartwatches enabled with GPS to map your route. Many watches designed for outdoor fitness let you access apps when they are connected to Wi-Fi or by using data from your cellular plan.

For many, music is a must during a strenuous workout. If you like listening to your own inspiring playlists while engaging in physical activity, consider picking up a pair of sports headphones. Another consideration when shopping for sports and fitness equipment is whether it is travel-friendly. If you can fit all of your gear in a roomy but lightweight backpack, you'll be able to enjoy your outdoor travels even more.

Getting the most out of your outdoor gear.

While holding a tree pose inside a windowless yoga studio might prove effective in toning muscles, wouldn’t it be even more enjoyable to set up your yoga equipment in the forest? Outside, you can get the benefit of a focused workout while also soaking in a calming dose of nature. This is just one example of how to get the most out of your outdoor sports equipment with a little bit of preparation. Another simple way to enhance your experience is to pack compact resistance bands in your bag while traveling. This way, you can work in a strength-training session without having to find a gym. No matter what sports and fitness activity you’re doing outside, it’s a good idea to bring a portable charger to ensure electronics such as portable speakers stay powered up for hours of enjoyment.