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Creating Wi-Fi and networking solutions.

The importance of a strong Wi-Fi connection.

With more people working and learning remotely, there is an increased need for reliable Wi-Fi connections away from the office and school. Several key components ensure you'll have a strong wireless connection throughout your entire home. Find out more about wireless speed, router technology and wireless range to create the best home Wi-Fi network. Consider the number of connected devices in your home that access your wireless internet, such as computers and tablets, smartphones, streaming media players, and smart home products, to determine what type of setup is best for you. Also, some activities require more bandwidth than others. If you want to use your smart TV to stream movies in 4K, you'll use more bandwidth than your smart thermostat. If you're experiencing problems like buffering when you’re streaming a show, delayed file downloads, or lags in action while playing online video games, consider upgrading your network devices to ones that are compatible with the advanced technology of your modern home electronics. For assistance from our professional Geek Squad® agents, just purchase and schedule any of our home Wi-Fi services available and we’ll make sure your complete network solution is up and running smoothly in no time.  

Choosing the right devices for your network.

A big part of successful network management relies on the quality of your network’s devices. You'll find a wide variety of power, speed and features available in modems, routers, Ethernet cables and more. Choosing the right modem is where it all starts because this is the device that connects your home to the internet itself. Basic routers are good for email, web surfing, file downloads and music streaming, while premium routers are preferred for gamers who enjoy virtual reality and online gaming. If you regularly have more than 10 Wi-Fi devices accessing your network at one time, you might want to learn about what is Wi-Fi 6E and choose a Wi-Fi 6 capable router to enjoy simultaneous high speed. You can also manage bandwidth efficiency with a dual-band router that sends two separate wireless signals at the same time on different frequencies, so they don't interfere with one another. If wireless dead zones are a problem in your house, you might want to consider choosing either a mesh router or Wi-Fi extender to enhace the signal strength and reach from your wireless router. Adding powerline adapters to your network is an easy, cost-friendly option for expanding the reach of your wireless network. These specific network devices send a signal through the electric wires in your home so you can extend your internet network to any location with an electrical outlet. If you’re still not sure where to begin, take time to go through our helpful home networking guide for more information about what connection speeds and requirements are needed to achieve the best home Wi-Fi setup.