Remote Patient Care & In Home Patient Monitoring

Reimagining the model of care.

We’re establishing a new model for human-centered care that supports an enhanced experience and better outcomes for health systems and payer systems.
A new care experience for individuals and their caregivers. See how it works

We’re creating a higher standard of home as a site of care.

Each home and each consumer have different needs and want a tailored experience. Our team ensures that each individual is at the center of their personal care model, helping them successfully live and manage their health seamlessly.

  • Always-on technology and customized services from Best Buy Health create an end-to-end experience for the home and remove barriers to care while providing transparency and guidance. With our national retail-powered infrastructure and local in-home services, we support people where they are, at home and in life.
  • Through strategic partnerships with vendors and large technology companies, we can remain consumer obsessed and brand agnostic, plugging in pre-owned and new technology to the same health experience, empowering people to take an active role in their health and well-being.
  • Our specialized Geek Squad® City services can customize products and services to ensure that providers, their brand and their clinical experience are part of the process, with labeling and marketing materials to support their care program. Our established supply chain services manage all inventory, shipping and reverse logistics needed for a complete solution.
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We make integration to workflow easy.

We realize the hard work and medical excellence that go into creating the best care plans and protocols for each individual. We make it easy for clinical teams to make remote home care a natural part of their patient and member experience.

  • We partner with flexible platform solutions to make it easy for our partners to retrieve personal data and insights from the home.
  • Our customizable care protocols and partnership with in-home clinical care services enrich the experience by making it easy to dispatch the right care at the right time to the right place.
  • Real-time insights equip physicians with critical data that enables them to engage earlier in the care continuum and integrate into electronic health record and care management systems that are already in place, creating a seamless transition to care that’s always on.

We strengthen health engagement with unparalleled, always-on support.

Our expertise in designing and executing holistic care solutions in the home ensures individuals can easily connect to the support they need when they need it, wherever they are in their health journey.

  • One-click, on-demand support services for social determinants of health (SDOH) ensure that individuals always feel cared for and supported at home.
  • From health monitoring and transportation to social isolation and care triage, our team has the sensitivity training, skillsets and tools to support any call or need that arises.
  • Through integration and involvement of your clinical care team, we supplement your population’s health activities by ensuring each individual has what they need to successfully manage their health — every day, nationwide.
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The power of Best Buy Health.

Best Buy Health’s new model of accessible care is rooted in an end-to-end experience of real-time data, accessible technology and around-the-clock support for every individual. Our expertise, industry relationships, reach and capabilities are unmatched, enabling us to offer a best-in-class experience that helps you focus on delivering the best clinical care.

Accessible and proactive, 24/7.

With a nationwide infrastructure of service and support at scale, our Geek Squad® and Caring Center services ensure support is accessible and local.

Smart technology integration.

Customizable API integrations support workflows with intelligent, evidence-based protocols while maintaining data connectivity.


People can use the technology they choose, including devices they may already own. Platforms can stand alone or integrate directly into provider, payer and electronic health record systems.

Easy learning curve.

Ready-to-use technology and tech support are designed with specific users in mind to accommodate a range of clinical, physical and emotional needs.

Modular design.

Solutions can serve a variety of needs and evolve as needs change.

Customizable add-ons.

Technology and services can be added to address unique needs, including passive and active monitoring, triage-to-care teams, family caregiving support, social determinants of health, and marketing consultation and support.

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The Best Buy Health remote patient monitoring experience.
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Senior-friendly consumer app.

Bluetooth and cloud connectivity capture vitals readings via optical character recognition while providing patients with customized notifications. Patients can use their own smartphone, or the app can be pre-loaded on mobile devices from Best Buy.

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Choices in hardware.

Patients can select from a broad suite of connected medical devices customized for their unique needs. Devices are available pre-paired and pre-activated, or patients can use their own mobile device and vitals monitoring devices.

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Care team platform.

Patients are digitally enrolled into the platform, which provides real-time data flow to the care team. The platform integrates into care management systems, making electronic health records available. Devices and notifications are customizable through the platform’s dashboard.

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Trusted services.

Sensitivity-trained Geek Squad Agents provide in-home and remote support as well as a support line for device and connectivity questions. Agents ensure each patient feels comfortable with the app and their chosen devices. Behind the service experience, Best Buy Health offers a scalable health care platform with HIPPA-compliant back-end systems.

A complete portfolio of end-to-end care delivery solutions.

Our connected-care offerings, along with long-standing partnerships with vendors and technology leaders, enable us to deliver precisely what your business needs. From turnkey products and services and seamless white-labeled program components to custom, digital-first clinical solutions, no other organization has the assets, expertise and capacity to deliver like Best Buy Health.

Let’s talk about what’s possible. 

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