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The Priority Health mission statement:Improve health, inspire hope and save lives.
The CST mission statement: Help enrich and save lives through technology and meaningful connections.

Personalized health made simple, affordable and exceptional.

Our core goal is to help you continue to enrich lives through technology by addressing key human needs. Through our turnkey approach and robust product offerings, we can help you improve the health outcomes for your population of at-risk seniors while simultaneously lowering the overall cost of care.


  • Quick turnaround time from referral to providing service to your members
  • 24/7 on-call support through our Caring Center
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Free education, webinar series, in-person presentations and webinar materials


  • Single point of contact via partner engagement manager and large supporting team
  • Highly responsive and accessible
  • Ability to work with you to meet the specific goals of your organization and your individual members


  • Robust, detailed and impactful reporting suite on all members
  • Real member stories
  • Full visibility into all aspects of the program
  • Proven outcomes addressing hospital readmission, ER overutilization and lack of care coordination

How PERSPlus supports your members.

  • Ability to dispatch emergency services instantly when needed
  • Help members age in place with a user-friendly push-button system that connects members to CST’s award-winning Caring Center
  • Add-on features like automatic fall detection to immediately detect member fall
  • Zero cost to the member; 100% covered benefit
  • Assistance with food, transportation and shelter
  • Provides social support and relieves isolation through the team of social workers who are part of our Caring Center


COVID-19 virtual support.

We have special protocols that help us continue serving your members during COVID-19. Our virtual installation process helps keep your members safe.

Additional services to help members monitor their vitals.

For Priority Health members with select chronic conditions, we help reduce avoidable ED utilization and improve care transitions while empowering members to take control of their care through strong engagement.

Select chronic conditions include congestive heart failure (hub, weight scale and blood pressure) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (hub, weight scale and SPO2 monitor).

  • Add-on features like automatic fall detection to immediately detect when a member falls
  • 4G LTE (AT&T) compact base station communicator
  • Inbound/outbound calling functionality (English and Spanish service available)
  • Cloud-based HIPAA-compliant platform and monitoring
  • Wireless Bluetooth peripherals including blood pressure monitor, weight scale and SP02 monitor
  • Alerts to clinicians when levels are outside of member-predetermined parameters

Success stories.

Member Name: Robert S.

Product: Mobile GPS with Fall Detection

Robert pressed his mobile button and expressed he needed assistance setting up some transportation. The CST operator transferred him to a CST social worker. Robert explained to the social worker that he had a ride set up but that the ride never showed up. The social worker conferenced a call and spoke with a representative at Logisticare, who advised that the ride had been cancelled because the doctor’s office was not open. The Logisticare rep spoke with the member and advised how to schedule another ride appointment while the social worker stayed on the line. The member thanked the social worker and said he would call back if he encountered any other issues.

Shirley Wigman photo

Shirley Wigman

Partner Engagement Manager, CST


Direct dial: 855-800-7174

Get to know

Shirley Wigman, your Partner Engagement Manager.

Shirley brings extensive experience to CST and has more than 20 years of experience in the health care industry. She currently leads a team of Partner Engagement Managers who provide account management to all our partners throughout the United States, working to expand engagement and develop relationships with our partners.

Shirley holds a Bachelor of Science from Madonna University in Michigan, is accredited as a Registered Health Information Technician from the American Health Information Management Association, and holds a Michigan Health and Life Insurance license.

Shirley is committed to developing solid relationships with and expanding support to our referral partners, while delivering impeccable care to the members we serve on their behalf.

Rachel Sylwestrzak photo

Rachel Sylwestrzak

Associate Partner Engagement Manager, CST


Direct dial: 248-773-0211

Get to know

Rachel Sylwestrzak, your Associate Partner Engagement Manager.

Rachel has been with CST for seven years. Prior to joining the PEM team, she worked in the Novi Caring Center for five years as an onboarding coach for new hires and as a team lead, which gives her a strong background in building relationships with our members. In fact, her favorite part about working with CST is that she is able to interact with so many different people every day. She loves getting the opportunity to speak to our clients and make their day a little brighter. Rachel also earned a B.A. in English from Alma College, and she loves reading.

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