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Don’t make your community reach for support. Hand it to them.

Our building-wide pendant system replaces outdated pull cords to ensure that safety and support are always within reach.

An accessible update to the pull cord system.

No more hoping to reach the pull cord; help is always available.

You want your community to receive care the second they need it. But trying to reach for an antiquated pull cord system can cause critical delays. With wireless personal pendants, you close the distance between signaling for help and receiving it.

To call for help, residents touch their wireless pendant and send out an emergency signal. Our Caring Center will be notified immediately, and residents rest easy knowing help is on the way. It’s a personal alarm that’s never out of reach.

The wireless pendant emergency system is approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as an alternative to traditional pull cord emergency systems. 

A safety system with built-in support staff.

Your staff’s most important job is caring for residents. CST empowers them to do so with more efficiency than ever before.

CST’s integrated safety solution reduces your staff’s workload through third-party monitoring and prioritizes quality care for your community. The emergency system will support your staff from installation to emergency calls.

Lighten staff workload.

CST will install the technology, support your staff, monitor emergency situations, manage 911 dispatch and handle reporting. This frees your staff to focus on providing quality care.

Customized response protocols.

Every community is unique, which is why CST creates custom response protocols and reporting for your facility.

24/7 Caring Center.

We don’t sleep so you can. A CST-owned and operated Caring Center works 24 hours a day, seven days a week so your residents can rely on us for safety and support, anytime and anywhere.

Streamlined safety for the whole community.

Emergency help should never be out of reach.

Independence is important to your residents — and their safety is important to you. With monitored wireless pendants, your community can rest easy with the support they need at their fingertips. CST’s integrated safety solution offers full coverage for your community and staff. Streamline your workflow and protect your community by installing our building-wide emergency pendant system and integrating Caring Center services.

One system, one safety protocol.

Gone are the days of overly complex safety systems and protocols. Every resident receives a pendant designed for wear with a lanyard or a wrist strap (both included). These wireless and water-resistant emergency devices can be worn throughout the day and night, even in the tub and shower.

Building-wide protection, anytime.

Help and support at your community’s fingertips, no matter where they are. With water-resistant wireless pendants, your residents can signal for help throughout the building — whether they’re in a common area visiting with family, cooking dinner in their apartment or taking a shower. Wireless emergency pendants make care accessible for all residents at all times of the day.

Let’s talk about what’s possible. 

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